Gusar catering has over seven years’ experience in outside catering industry, and we serve delicious food on a timely basis with an incredible level of personal and professional services. Only the freshest, finest quality produce is used in the creation of all traditional dishes that we offer to our guests. We offer inventive menus for private celebrations, weddings, corporate events and parties of all shapes and sizes. All with impeccable attention to detail throughout. If you’re looking for glamorous and elegant dishes for your next event then you are in the right place.

Villa Dalmacija

The fairy tale Villa began more than a century ago. On the Marjan coast in 1914 the entrepreneur Franjo Schiller built it as Villa 'Shiller', but in 1947 apparently the villa dropped in the eye of Josip Broz Tito and then the government took it over and renamed it as the „Villa Dalmatia“. A renovation started for the stay of the first man of Yugoslavia. From then until today, this Marjan beauty is known as Tito's Villa and is the place to be for all your occasions with catering Gusar.

The Gallery Mestrovic

The gallery holds the most of the statues of the sculptor’s works, but is itself an artistic monument. Its author Ivan Meštrović imagined this palace as an exhibition space for his works, but also as a home to his family as well as an atelier.
Today, the gallery is open to visitors and allows the organization of different events such as weddings, gala dinners and others…

A fairytale place for an unforgettable time with Gusar catering.


Meštrović’s Crikvine-Kaštilac are located in the Split area of Meje, below the southern slopes of the Marjan Peninsula, by the sea, near Meštrović Gallery. It is a sacral and artistic monument formed on a ruined estate with the remains of the building of the Capogrosso family from the 16th century.

This amazing place is the perfect venue, full of history, for your events with Gusar catering.


Who can imagine staying on the Adriatic without a magical cruise on the Adriatic Sea?
Sail to one of the most beautiful seas for a cruise in the country of 1000 islands.
Whether it's a cocktail, dinner, a gala dinner or a party... it will be a pleasure to Gusar catering staff to sail with you on an unforgettable adventure.